PT Maskapai Reasuransi Indonesia Tbk. (Marein) places great emphasis on the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) to improve the Company’s performance and protect the shareholders’ interest.

In implementing GCG practice, Marein always complies with prevailing rules and regulations, as well as ethics in reinsurance sector.

GCG Implementation

Good Corporate Governance (GCG) constitutes a series of principles and rules by which the Company is managed and controlled to meet the interests of its stakeholders. GCG in Marein is a guideline toward achieving the Company’s business goals, providing better assessments of business risks, optimizing business performance and creating a more professional working culture.

The GCG implementation also ensures that business activities are constantly run within the corridor as defined by the prevailing regulations, business ethics and best practices. Moreover, GCG can support the realization of a sound and quality business improvement.

Marein conducts its GCG practice in accordance with the applicable regulations and laws, as well as the Company’s Code of Conduct. To make the most of its GCG practice, Marein keeps strengthening its relationships with shareholders and stakeholders.

In addition, Marein is continuously strengthening its corporate governance through the formation of Corporate Governance Committee under the supervision of the Boards of Commissioners. This has been done so as to ensure all the business lines in the company implement the corporate governance principles, which are transparency, responsibility, accountability, independence and fairness.

GCG is embedded in the Company’s daily business activities. This is done so as to boost the Company’s business operation more professionally, transparently, effectively and efficiently.

Marein implements GCG principles at all organization levels, including:


  • The tasks and responsibilities of members of the Boards of Commissioners and Board of Directors
  • Compliance function
  • Risk management
  • Transparency in financial and non-financial matters
  • The duties of Committees and working units responsible for internal control.